Caramuru and Vixbull Frenchies are expecting French Bulldog puppies for later this year/early next year. If you would like to be notified when a pup is available, contact us through Vixbull's website.


If you wish to own one of Caramuru's Boston Terriers or French Bulldogs, check on us later. We will not contact you until we have puppies available for adoption. Pictures of our future puppies will be posted here for your enjoyment and you can watch our babies grow.

Please know that our placement requirements are very specific and all applications are carefully considered. Should you be selected for puppy placement, please be aware that all Caramuru's Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs placed will be required by contract to be spayed/neutered. AKC registration will or not be provided until after proof of spay/neuter is furnished.

Please be aware that, for the mental and physical safety of our dogs, we NEVER ship Boston Terriers or French Bulldogs we place. We require the new owners to pick them up in person.

Before you make a decision on getting a new puppy, please make sure to read about the Boston Terrier health and/or the French Bulldog health.